Working and living in Barcelona: what do you need?

Working and living in Barcelona: what do you need?

Moving to another country, or even to another city, can be a big event. You need to organise your logistics but you also need to get the paperwork done. The people who come to Spain, all face the same problems. Where do I get a Spanish residency number, also known as the NIE? How do I get a social security number? How do I get a phone number? How does it work with social security, insurance and all of those complicated subjects?

Of course, you can embark on this journey on your own with the help of the internet. However, all the paperwork can be overwhelming and many newcomers struggle with getting everything in order. Imagine filling out a form wrong and having to repeat all of the dreadful steps! But worry not, BCN Buddy is here to help newcomers to Barcelona with all of this.

1. NIE Number: tax and residency registration in Spain

First of all, when you start working in Barcelona, you are asked by your company whether you have a NIE Number. This is the number that the Spanish government assigns to you. It serves as a tax identification number as well as a permit for residency. You will need this number for basically everything you want to do in Spain, so memorise it.

In order to obtain a NIE Number you will have to provide several documents, we are here to help you not only with arranging the “cita previa” (which in many cases has many weeks of waiting lists), we also make sure you bring all the necessary documents. This way you can rest assured that you will only need to visit the NIE office once.

2. Social security number: número de seguridad social

After being officially registered as a foreigner in Spain who can pay taxes (what’s not to like), you can continue to get access to the social security system of this beautiful country. For this, you need to obtain the número de seguridad social. This will give you the right to use the network of hospitals and doctors in Spain.

Once again, you will need an appointment and several documents prepared. We are here to help, not only do we take care of the scheduling of your appointment, we accompany you, help you fill out any forms and make sure you bring all the required documents.

3. Open a Spanish bank account

You don’t need to have a Spanish bank account per say, but if you want to work in Barcelona it’s better. Companies prefer it and people do like to have one. However, the choice of banks is overwhelming and newcomers struggle with finding the right one. If you don’t know which bank to use, we will help you find the right one. We can also come along and make sure they will actually give you a bank account number.

We understand that foreigners would like a bank account that charges little to no fees for foreign transfers, so we can not only help you choose the right bank for you but also accompany you to set up your account. This way your potential lack of Spanish or overwhelming bank slang will not between come between you and your shiny new bank card.

4. Registration at city hall (Empadronamiento)

In order to get the NIE Number, you also need to register your address at the Barcelona city hall, so they know where you live. This procedure is called empadronamiento. This form is valid for a couple of months, so you need to use it quick to get the rest of the red tape done.

We make sure you have an appointment in time, so you don’t have to worry about the expiration date of your empadronamiento. In addition we will also make sure that you bring the right documents, once again.

After a lot of frustration, we asked BCN Buddy to help us out. If I had known how they solved the red tape for us before, I would have hired them faster.

Nancy, Liverpool

5. Health insurance access card: Tarjeta de CatSalut

You are one step further. Exciting! Then you need the actual card that gives you access to the hospitals and medical services, issues by the regional government of Cataluña. This is called la tarjeta de CatSalut.

In addition, you can also apply for the European Health Insurance card, which is unfortunately a different card that comes with another process. We recommend you to obtain the European card as well, since it is free of charge and has you covered during your trips throughout the European Union. We make sure that you get both health insurance card, so you can enjoy a carefree stay in Spain.

You have so much on your mind when you migrate to Spain. It’s great to have a little help.

Santino, Rome

6. Get a Spanish phone number

Now that roaming is off in Europe, many people hang on to their phone number they bring from their previous location. If you do want a Spanish mobile phone number, which can come in very handy at times.

Once again, the choice of operators can be overwhelming and we are here to spare you the hassle of figuring out which deal could suit you best. We can give you a prepaid sim card, so you’re set up in a matter of minutes.