Welcome to Barcelona. Let’s see if we can help you!

Welcome to Barcelona. Let’s see if we can help you!

Answer the following questions and check if we can help you get set up as fast as possible. BCN Buddy helps newcomers get through the Barcelona paperwork.

  • Did you just arrive to Barcelona?
  • Are you a European Citizen?
  • Did you find a job or an internship?
  • Do you need documents to work and live in the city?
  • You don’t speak Spanish and need someone who accompanies you?
  • You need someone who helps you out and gives you a hand with all these things?

We make your landing in Barcelona easier

Newcomers in Barcelona have a great thing going for them: you are in Barcelona, one of the best cities to live in – worldwide!

Unfortunately, the fun comes with a bunch of bureaucratic things you need to arrange first. We have made a list for you of what you need to live and work in Barcelona. This is the famous red tape of Barcelona.

BCN Buddy accompanies people during the red tape process that comes along with moving to Barcelona. The reason we do this is because it can be a bit overwhelming and complicated to get everything arranged.

Here is what we will help you with

We will make sure your bureaucratic, inevitable process is done as fast and efficient as possible. We do this by making sure that the following things happen.

  • You go to the right places
  • You bring the right documents
  • You get the right appointments
  • You go through it in the right order
  • We actually go along with you
  • You don’t get told that it’s not possible when you get there

All this, we have been through. Many times. And with success.

So let us help you and start your new Barcelona life stess-free!