Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Definition of our services

Our services are those of accompanying our clients to get the documentation arranged that were contracted. We indicate which documents you need, how to prepare, get the appointments, accompany you to go to the actual appointments and finish the procedures in a successful way. We do not buy, sell or resell NIE appointments as this is a clandestine. VAT is included in our prices. 

Confirmation of our services

Based on your needs, BCN Buddy will send you a proposal for the services you need. Confirmation on your part by e-mail is required, after which we will send you a payment request. Receipt of the payment confirms our services, after which cancelation rules apply (see below). 


After confirmation of your order, a 50% down payment should be transferred into our bank account number as indicated in the payment request (see above). Please send a copy of the payment to info@bcnbuddy.com
The rest of the payment is to be done after completion of the contracted services by bank transfer, within 2 days.
In specific cases, like for projects with an order value over €500,00, full payment may be requested before the day of the appointment at the public offices. 


After your order confirmation and receipt of your down payment, we will confirm the dates for appointments at the public offices you need to go. 
After completion of confirmation of your order, we go to work and the down payment is non-refundable.
You can cancel our services up to 24 hours before the dates that are established for appointments at the corresponding public offices. After that, your time slot is reserved and the payments you carried out are non-refundable. 


BCN Buddy will inform you of the right documents you need to present to the appointments at the public offices. Failing to present the correct documents is out of our control and can be a reason to need a new appointment. In this case, an additional fee can be charged. 


You need to be present 15 minutes before the confirmed appointments at the indicated place. If you fail to be there in time, we cannot guarantee the contracted service. Also this may cause loss of the appointment, a new appointment needs to be managed. This may result in additional charges, but always after confirming with you. 

Force majeure

In case anything happens out of our control, which does not enable us to provide the contracted services, we do not accept any liability. However, we will always try to help solve any upcoming issues.

Privacy and data protection

By contracting our services, you specifically agree to provide us with the necessary personal information. We will never use this data for any other use except for completion of the services you contracted. We will never sell your information or provide it to any other organisation. You can always request us to forget your information and be removed from our database. 

Personal Data are collected for the following purposes and using the following services

Analytics – Facebook Ads conversion tracking (Facebook pixel), Google Analytics with anonymized IP and Google Ads conversion tracking.
Personal data – Cookies; unique device identifiers for advertising (Google Advertiser ID or IDFA, for example); Usage Data.
Tag management – Google Tag Manager; Personal Data, Usage, Cookies data.
You have the right to know what information is stored about you as well as the right to be forgotten and removed from any database. Feel free to do so by contacting us.