Tarjeta Catsalut (Access to sanitary services)

Tarjeta Catsalut (Access to sanitary services)

CatSalut is the Health Services Department of the Catalan Government. The public health care system in Spain is delegated to the regional governments. Each regional government has an organisation set up for it, and the one of Catalunya is called CatSalut.

In Spain, it’s common practice to go to the ER in a hospital directly in case of a non-urgent problem.

But that’s not the way things are meant to be. Once you have your social security number that gives you coverage and access tot he public health system, you need to get yourself a general practitioner assigned that acts like your “family doctor”. This doctor is called “médico de cabecera” and is supposed to be the first doctor you go and see if you have a non-urgent medical issue. Typically this doctor is located in what is called a CAP (Centro de atención primaria), a office of doctors for the first line of medical assistance, in your neighbourhood.

In order to access your doctor, you need to obtain the health care services card issues by CatSalut, la tarjeta CatSalut. BCN Buddy helps you along the way.

The objective of Catsalut

  • To put citizens at the centre of health management and care
  • To guarantee quality health care
  • To ensure the sustainability of the health care system
  • The Catalan health system is a publicly-funded system with comprehensive coverage
  • All the citizens of Catalonia are eligible to access it

BCN Buddy will make sure you get the health services card. From now on, you are covered by the public health care services!