Número de seguridad social: Social security number

Número de seguridad social: Social security number

The social security system in Spain is accessed by having a número de seguridad social, or a social security number. This unique number is used to identify you and check your health care coverage when you get to a hospital. Once you have the number assigned, you have the social security card that you can use to go and access public hospitals and doctors. If you need to go to the emergency room, you can do that.

After getting the Spanish social security number, you just need the tarjeta CatSalut which gives you access to your general practitioner (GP). This is the “family doctor” you get assigned, normally in your neighbourhood, which generally is the first doctor you go to if you have a medical problem. Although many people go to the ER directly in Spain, the official way is to first go to your family doctor.

But first steps first: your social security number.

Get your social security number fast and easy

If you are a new inhabitant of this beautiful country, one of the steps to take is to make sure you get access to hospitals and doctors. A bureaucratic process that many find tricky and complicated.

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