Get a Spanish phone number

Get a Spanish phone number

Many institutions, like banks, will ask you for a Spanish phone number in order to accept you as a client. BCN Buddy can help you get a prepaid SIM card so you are set up within minutes.

We don’t make any money selling you phone numbers, but the civil servants at the public offices sometimes demand a “local” phone number for the procedures they need to do. You can go to any phone shop and buy a prepaid SIM card, or you can get one through us and worry about one less thing.

Why is it important to get a Spanish phone number

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to get a Spanish phone number. Sure, if you are from the EU you can use your phone plan all over Europe, thanks to roaming. And of course, the Wi-Fi access everywhere, internet calling apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp make it seem a waste to even get a SIM. However, many services and institutions in Spain require a local phone number, so it’s a good idea to get set up with a Spanish SIM. We will help you get a prepaid one, so it won’t cost you a lot of money either and you will only pay when you really want to use it. We know that because of many offers and operators it can be overwhelming to get a Spanish phone number, and it just becomes another hassle – definitely not what you want when you just arrived and are already busy with figuring a million other things out.

This is how BCN Buddy helps you get set up

  1. We know the phone providers in Spain and choose the most convenient prepaid SIM-provider for you – no overpaying on unnecessary phone plans!
  2. We get you the SIM – no need to go to the shop yourself.
  3. We get it to you hassle free – all you need to do is insert it in your phone.